About Math Method

Why this little math practice site was made.

A Little History

Math Method started as a small project I made in 6th grade, originally called AlgebraWizz. I was trying out a new web technology and we had a cool Pre-Algebra lesson that day. The version I made then is still online here. A summer vacation later I thought of adding more to it and editing it. I also moved it to my own server. From then on I, added numerous quizzes and featues (like accounts) and as long as school doesn't consume my life, I will continue to add more and more cool stuff.

Why do I Make This?

Back when Math Method was still AlgebraWizz, it was all an experiment to see if I could follow through with creating a website like this. Over a hundred users later, I still enjoy maintaining and adding new features, quizzes, and more. I have also been given a new reason to work on Math Method, it helps my fellow classmates and others in my school. This gives me even more reasons to continue expanding this site to even more people.

Ew Icky Ads

With more users using Math Method, I thought it may be worthwhile to put ads on it to help offset the cost of owning a website (and maybe buy a video game every now and then). Unlike other sites, I do not use creepy ads that track you around the web. If you are still in fear, I will not nag you to disable your ad blocker nor will I decrease the points you earn.

Math is pretty easy up until you create an imaginary number

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