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A little history

Math Method started as a small project I made in 6th grade, originally called AlgebraWizz. I was trying out a new web technology and we had a cool Pre-Algebra lesson that day. The version I made then is still online here. A summer vacation later I thought of adding more to it and editing it. I also moved it to my own server. From then on I, added numerous quizzes and featues (like accounts) and as long as school doesn't consume my life, I will continue to add more and more cool stuff.

Third Party Software Used

Math Method uses many open source or free to use libraries that make Math Method even better. The table below gives an overview of all the libraries used.

Library Description
Google reCAPTCHA Closed source library that helps make sure robots don't sign up for Math Method.
Tesseract.js Open source library used for the "Read Answer" button.
Bootstrap I use a modified version of the open source style sheet, Bootstrap, as the style for Math Method.

Now with 100% more π.

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