Community Created Quizzes

a + x = b by iwotastic

Practice solving problems in a + x = b form

ax = b by iwotastic

Practice ax = b problems

Half-life Puzzle by iwotastic

Helps you practice exponential decay dealing with elemental half-lives

Speed vs. Time to Vacation Puzzle by iwotastic

Helps you practice finding the inverse proportion in a word problem.

Projectile Thrown by iwotastic

Practice using quadratic equations to calculate projectile height after elapsed time.

a + bx = c by iwotastic

Helps you practice solving a + bx = c style equations

Ferris Wheel Puzzle by iwotastic

Applies trigonometry to a real-ish life situation

Squaring Complex Numbers by GarrettBaker

Helps you square complex numbers.

Sum From Arithmetic Sequence Items by iwotastic

Get the sum of an arithmetic series given items.

Term Value From Geometric Series Terms by iwotastic

Find the value of a unknown term given two terms of a geometric series.

Common Difference From Arithmetic Series Sum by iwotastic

Find the common difference of an arithmetic sequence, given the sum, first term and number of terms.

Arithemetic Series Value Practice by iwotastic

Gewt the value at a given term based on two provided terms

Interest Over Time Puzzle by iwotastic

Use the natural log to figure out the time need to earn a given amount of interest.

Addition of Cosines by iwotastic

Practice adding cosine values

Polar Coordinates To Rectangular by iwotastic

Practice converting polar coordinates to rectangular

Rectangular Coordinates to Polar practice by iwotastic

Helps you practice converting rectangular coordinates to the polar system.

Law of Sines Practice by iwotastic

Practice Law of Sines with this quiz

Problems Involving Exponential Factors by eee

Helps you practice using logarithms

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