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How I handle your information


By using Math Method (any page under the domain of created by me (Ian Morrill), you agree to the folloing privacy policy.

Infomation Collected

By browsing Math Method I automatically record certain information about you. This data includes your IP address (a unique identifier assigned to your computer), various information about your browser (such as version and engine information), and all data collected by Google Analytics (to which you are bound to their separate privacy policy).

When signed in to Math Method, I additionally will set cookies for Math Method in your browser to allow for a smooth account experience. I can also read any cookies set for this purpose as well. Additionally, I collect your email address that is kept private on the Math Method server. Your password will be stored encrypted on the server.

How I use this information

I utilize your IP address, browser information, and Google Analytics information, to aid in analyzing usage data. Additionally, this information may be used in investigating user misconduct.

When signed in to Math Method, I may use your email to send emails to you about account information and when you use the password reset feature. If you opt in, you may also recieve occasional emails about new features.

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