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By using Math Method (any page under the domain of mathmethod.com) created by me (Ian Morrill), you agree to follow and abide by the folloing terms and conditions ("Terms of Use").

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You may not attempt to interfere with the proper operation of Math Method or any of its server-side services ("APIs"), for example hacking or spamming. I may at any time and without consent terminate your ability to access or use Math Method and its APIs, if I suspect you of hacking, spamming, or other misconduct.

Math Method may display content that is not created nor endorsed by me, I try to review such content and will remove such content. But some content may not have been reviewed by me, so do not assume I review everything.

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To utilize certain Math Method services, you may be required to create a Math Method account. To protect your account security, you are responsible for keeping your password a secret. Your username is subject to review by me to ensure an atmosphere appropriate for all ages. If you do decide that you no longer wish to have a Math Method account, you can terminate your usage of Math Method from the "Account Settings" page, this will entirely erase all of your account data (and may not be undone).

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